What informations does the memorandum state?


I’ve been told that I need a memorandum of association to set up a limited by guarantee company. What information do I have to put on this? And what it is supposed to look like? Do I just create one myself? Thanks. Ali.



Yes, that’s right. All companies must have a memorandum of association. It is a legal document that records the names of the members who agree to set up the company. They must all sign this document to confirm their agreement.

If you register a company online, the memorandum will be automatically produced and issued by Companies House or your formation agent. You will receive a digital copy by email. However, please be aware - you cannot form a limited by guarantee company online through Companies House, but you can register through an agent or use a paper application form from Companies House.

If you register a company by post, you will have to provide your own memorandum with your application form and post it to Companies House. You can view the pro forma memorandum documents here.

a year ago

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