Can my company have more than one CRN?


Is it possible to have more than one registration number for the same company, or get a different number to the one I have been given? I know this will sound a bit odd but I don’t like the sequence of numbers I have been issued so I would like to get a new or additional one to use.



I’m afraid you can only have one company registration number for a single company and you cannot change it at any time. You can certainly register more than one company, each of which will have a different number, but you cannot assign two numbers to the same company otherwise there will be no way to identify it - this would be like someone having two National Insurance Numbers. It would not make any sense and it would serve no purpose.

The only other thing you could do is dissolve your company and register a new one. But you’ll still be issued with a randomised number so you might face the same problem again!

a year ago

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