Who is the subscriber to a memorandum of association?


According to Companies House, I need a shareholder and a director to set up my company, but what, or who, is a ‘subscriber’? This term has just appeared out of nowhere and I’m a bit perplexed! Is this the person who completes the form, in which case it would be me, or is Companies House the subscriber?



This always confuses people - there are too many terms for the same role!

‘Subscribers’ are the first shareholders or guarantors in a limited company, i.e. the people who agree to set up the company and whose names are stated on the memorandum of association.

Shareholders and guarantors are also known as ‘members’, regardless of when they join a company. Shareholders and guarantors who become members after a company has been set up are not known as ‘subscribers’. They did not form the company, so their names are not stated on the memorandum of association.

a year ago

Hi Rachel, so when setting up a bank account for the company, the subscribers don't have to be the guarantors do they? The Directors are enough? Thanks

7 months ago

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