Do I need a print copy of my certificate of incorporation?


Hi guys,

I just formed a new company through your site and I received the email with my certificate and other documents - thanks for this! I’m just wondering what to do now. Do I have to download and print off a copy of the certificate and other docs, or can I just store them on the computer for when I need them?

I’m not keen on dealing with paper copies of things because it’s a faff and they tend to go missing anyway. But i’m not sure if I have to have printed copies at the ready in case I get inspected by anyone.

Thanks again and I look forward to your reply!



Hi Henry,

You don’t have to print a copy of your certificate of incorporation, but it’s handy to have a hard copy for quick reference. You should keep it with your other incorporation documents and statutory company registers.

Even if you don’t print the certificate, please be sure to download all of your incorporation documents and keep them in a clearly-marked file on your computer and/or data stick because you’ve no idea how many people misplace them.



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