Do I need to change my memorandum if a shareholder leaves the company?


Two of the original people who I set up my company with are selling their shares to me. They have asked to have their names removed from the memorandum because they do not want their details on public record after they leave the company. How do I go about doing this - do I have to contact Companies House to ask for an amended memorandum with just my name on it?



No, you can’t make any changes to the memorandum after company formation. If members’ leave or join the company, or they change their name or address, you cannot make these changes on the memorandum. It is simply a record of the people who originally set up the company.

Changes to members’ details should be updated in the statutory register of members that you keep (or should keep) at your registered office or inspection location. You should also tell Companies House about any such changes when you submit an annual return. There’s no need to tell them sooner than the deadline of your next return, but you can deliver an early return if you would prefer to have the changes updated on the public register immediately.

a year ago

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