What is a company's memorandum?


What’s a company memorandum? Is is the same as the memorandum of association and articles? I’ve filled out my application form for Companies House but I’m stuck on this bit because I don’t know where to find a memorandum or what it is even for. Can I go ahead and register my company without it? Thanks guys - please get back to me quickly because I want to get this form sent off today!



The memorandum of association, or simply the ‘memorandum’, is a document required by all limited companies during the incorporation process. You cannot register without one because it states the name of every member who agrees to form the business and become a shareholder or guarantor (depending on what type of company you are setting up). Without the memorandum, the members cannot give their consent to set up the company and be involved in it.

If you are registering your company through the Web Incorporation Service or via a formation agent, you do not have to produce your own memorandum - one will be created from the information you supply on your application. When your incorporation has been approved, the memorandum will be issued by Companies House and emailed to you.

If you are setting up your company by post, you will have to provide your own memorandum and fill it in with the necessary details and get every member to sign it before sending it to Companies House with your application. You can download the pro forma memorandum here.

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