When will I need my company's memorandum?


I’ve just incorporated a new company and I have received all of my documents. Do I need to keep the memorandum for any reason in particular? I’m not really sure what the purpose of this document is. And do I have to make copies for anyone? There are two directors and two guarantors in my company - me and my business associate.



You should keep copies of all documents relating to the formation of your company, including the certificate of incorporation, share certificates, the memorandum of association and the articles of association and share certificates. They all serve as evidence that your company legally exists and has been incorporated in accordance with the law.

You might need to produce these documents when you apply for a bank loan or funding, or sell shares to someone, or perhaps if you decide to sell the business. In all honesty, you may not have to produce the memorandum for anyone because it can be accessed free of charge on the public register through Companies House Beta service.

You can keep these docs in hard copy at your registered office or alternative inspection location (i.e. a SAIL address), or you can keep digital copies. The latter is more common nowadays but it’s up to you.

a year ago

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