Do all companies have a different memorandum?


I’m trying to figure out what the memorandum of association is and where to get one, if that’s even possible. I’m planning to start a limited by guarantee company, so do I need to use a set format or a specific form, or can I just create my own memorandum?

Please advice, thanks.



All companies, whether limited by shares or limited by guarantee, have to use the same memorandum of association template. It is a standard pro forma document so you cannot alter the format, nor can you make changes to it after your company has been registered.

You will need to print and complete a memorandum if you are planning to use a postal company formation application. You can get it here. However, if you set up a company online, Companies House will create a memorandum from the information you provide on your application - they will send you a copy when your company is registered.

a year ago

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