Do I need a new certificate of incorporation if I change my company name?


We are just about to get in touch with Companies House to change the name of our company. It’s not anything major - we’re just changing one word. Will we need to get a new incorporation certificate? I assume so, otherwise the old one will be incorrect and will likely not be accepted if we want to open a new bank account or get a loan.



You would think so, but no. You do not need a new certificate of incorporation when you change your company name. When a change of name is approved at Companies House, they simply issue a ‘Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name’.

It does sound like a brand new incorporation certificate that replaces the original one, but it’s not. It just confirms that your company has changed its name on a particular date - you are not registering a new company, you are only changing the name of an existing business so all other details will remain the same.

You must keep your original certificate and the new one together.

a year ago

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