Do I need to inform Companies House if I lose my certificate of incorporation?


My company secretary has just informed me that he cannot locate our incorporation certificate. We’re a new startup so we’re not sure about the correct protocol for things like this. Should we contact Companies House to let them know? Can we get a new one, or do we have to go through the agent we used to set up the company?



There is no need to tell Companies House if you lose your certificate of incorporation, but you should get a copy of it for your records. You can access all of your company details and filed documents free of charge on Companies House beta service, so you can save and print a copy of your certificate of incorporation at any time.

If you registered your company through an agent, you will also be able to download your certificate through your online client account.

Printed copies can be ordered from Companies House for £20 but you will need to contact them by phone or email, so it’s probably better just to access a free copy online and print it yourself.

a year ago

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