Do I need to tell HMRC if I lose my certificate of incorporation?


I’ve managed to lose the certificate of incorporation for my company, through I’ve never actually needed to use it for over 3 years. Do I need to tell HMRC about this or get a new one? I’m presuming not, but I just want to check.



There is no need to tell HMRC if you lose your certificate of incorporation because they don’t have anything to do that - it’s Companies House that issues them. You don’t actually have to tell anyone that you’ve lost it but you will probably need to get a copy at some point, in which case you may have to contact Companies House to request a new one.

Before you do that, however, there are some other options:

1. Access the digital copy issued by Companies House or your agent

  • Companies that are registered through a formation agent issued with a PDF certificate, so you may have a digital copy of your certificate of incorporation saved on your computer or in the client account you set up on your agent’s website.

  • Likewise, companies registered online through Companies House Web Incorporation Service receive a digital certificate. This is sent via email when the company formation is approved. It is also saved in WebFiling for 10 days after incorporation.

2. Find your certificate through Companies House Beta Service

You can view and print a scanned copy of your certificate of incorporation through the free Beta Service:

  • Enter your company name in the search box
  • Click on your company name and select ‘Filing History’
  • Scroll down to the very end and click ‘View PDF’ next to the ‘Incorporation’ filing.

You will find a scanned copy of all of your incorporation documents and you can print them directly from your computer.

3. Order a paper copy

If you registered your company through an agent, you should be able to order a printed copy of your certificate of incorporation.

You can also order a replacement certificate directly from Companies House by contacting them by phone or email. This will cost £20.

Companies House rarely issues printed copies anymore because most people prefer to access the digital copy online. It’s easier and cheaper, and you can print off a copy onto quality paper yourself. I’d recommend that rather than forking out £20.

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