How long does it take to get a new certificate of incorporation after changing your company's name?


I sent an application to Companies House yesterday asking to change the name of my company. I sent it by first class post so it’s probably arrived, but I’m just wondering if anyone on here has done this before and knows how long I will have to wait for the new name to be approved?

I’m just trying to work out when best to update my website, stationery, shop sign, packaging, etc - might be best getting things moving now in preparation? What do you think?





I would urge you not to make any changes until you have confirmation from Companies House that your new name has been approved and is ready to use. Just in case it’s not accepted!

The quickest way to change a company name is on Form NM01 through WebFiling, or online through a company formation agent. Approval is normally granted within a couple of hours and your certificate will be emailed to you immediately. On quiet days they have approved name changes in a few minutes, so you just never know.

However, if you applied by post, you may have to wait up to 10 days for the new name to be approved and to receive your certificate by post. It takes so much longer to deal with Companies House by post!

The new certificate is not a replacement for your original certificate of incorporation, so do not throw either one out. You must keep both certificates together - one confirms that your company is registered; the other one simply confirms that it has changed its name. If you lose either document, you can access scanned copies on the free beta service.

a year ago

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