Do all companies need a memorandum?


Is there any real need for me to have a memorandum of association or is it just an optional thing that I can select? All of my company details will be recorded with Companies House, so what’s the point of the memorandum?



Yes, all companies limited by shares or limited by guarantee are legally required to have a memorandum of association when they incorporate at Companies House. Whilst your company details will be registered on public record, the memorandum is the legal document that shows the names and signatures of the initial members and their agreement to form the company.

If you set up a company using a paper application, each member (shareholder or guarantor) will physically sign a pro forma memorandum. This should be downloaded and included with the incorporation application.

If you set up a company online through Companies House or a formation agent, members will provide digital signatures for the memorandum. These signatures are created with a combination of unique personal details to ensure each member genuinely consents to forming the company.

a year ago

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