Do all shareholders need to sign a memorandum?


Could one of you lovely folks tell me if all shareholders have to physically sign the memorandum of association? One of them lives in another country, so it is a bit of a hassle having to post her a copy to sign (I don’t do scanning, I’ve never figured out how to do that!) and then her having to post it back.

Can I sign it on her behalf or is that not an option?

Many thanks!



Yes, all of the original shareholders who agree to form a company must sign the memorandum to give their consent to the incorporation. Shareholders who join after formation do not have to sign the memorandum.

You can’t sign the memorandum on her behalf if you register your company using a postal application, but you can if you set up your company online.

If you incorporate online via Companies House Web Incorporation Service or through a formation agent, the shareholders can sign the memorandum digitally. To do this, they each have to provide answers to a few security questions - the answers are then combined to create a unique digital signature.

If the overseas shareholder is happy to give you this information then you can provide the digital signature on her behalf to confirm her agreement to form the company and be added to the memorandum.

a year ago

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