Where can I get a new certificate of incorporation?


I have somehow managed to lose my printed and PDF copies of my certificate of incorporation. I have absolutely no idea how - I am usually really good at filing and organising paperwork! Or so I thought.

Can I get a new one or am I screwed? I imagine I can get one from Companies House. I can’t for the life of me remember what agent I used to register my company (it was 6 years ago) so I can’t get in touch with them to ask for advice.



Fear not, it’s not a big issue. You can get a copy of your certificate of incorporation through Companies House’ free Beta service:

Enter your company name and select it when it appears below the search box. Select ‘Filing History’ and scroll to the end to locate your incorporation documents. Click ‘View PDF’ and you can save and/or print your scanned certificate of incorporation documents.

You can also order these documents via WebCHeck but you will have to pay £1, so just stick with the Beta service.

If you used a company formation agent to incorporate, you can access your certificate by signing into your client account. You may also be able to order a printed copy but you could just print it out yourself and save some money.

Finally, it is possible to order a replacement copy of your certificate from Companies House but you will have to pay £20. Again, don’t bother - just access it for free and print it yourself on some nice paper.

a year ago

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