What information do the articles of association state?


I was wondering if someone could tell me what I am supposed to include in my articles of association for a limited by shares company? I am a jewellery designer and I will be starting this company on my own.

Can I find a standard template somewhere, or do I have to get a solicitor to draft this document? I don’t even know where to start!



The articles of association are your company’s constitution. This legal document contains the rules for running your company, i.e. the way decisions are made, who can make them, what duties and powers the members and directors have, etc.

Most new company formations use the standard Model articles of association from Companies House. They should be sufficient for your small business but you can make alterations to them or create your own articles from scratch if you find the Model version unsuitable. In such instances, I would advise speaking to an accountant.

Click here to view the standard Model articles issued by Companies House.

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