Can I remove a shareholder's name from the Memorandum of Association?


I started a company with my wife a few years ago but we are in the middle of separating. She does not want to be involved in the business anymore and is setting up another one on her own, so I want to remove her name for all of the company paperwork.

Can I delete her name from the memorandum - it’s her name and mine that are included on it. I presume this can be done but i can’t find any mention of how to do it on the Companies House website. Do they just issue a new one with only my name on it?

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Hi Matthew,

I’m really sorry but you can’t change the details on the memorandum so you will not be able to remove your wife’s name. The purpose of the memorandum is simply to record the names of the members who originally set up a company, so it’s nothing to worry about though I understand why you may want to change it.

What you should do, however, is terminate her appointment as a director (if relevant) and make sure that she transfers her shares to you. Once this has been done, you can file an annual return at Companies House to tell them about the share transfer. The public record will be updated to show that she is no longer a director or member of the company.

To remove a director, you should file form TM01 online through WebFIling. You can also carry out this task through a company formation agent if you are registered with one. Annual returns can be filed through WebFiling or your agent, so you can easily carry out all of these updates at the same time.

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