Can I change the information on my certificate of incorporation?


I have recently changed the name of my company and I received a certificate from Companies House that confirms the change. The only thing is, it does not seem to be a proper certificate of incorporation because it does not contain the same details as my original one.

My question is - can I change the company name on my original certificate? If not, how do i go about getting a new one with my new company name because, as it stands now, I have two certificates with different information on them.



I’m afraid you cannot change any of the information stated on your certificate of incorporation. You can change your company name after formation but you will not get a new certificate or be able to amend the name on your original certificate.

Companies House will simply issue a ‘Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name’ to confirm the new name and the date it takes effect. This does not replace your original certificate because the company itself has not changed - it’s just a different name - so you must keep both of the certificates together.

a year ago

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