What information does a certificate of incorporation have on it?


All of the company formation sites I have looked at have mentioned the certificate of incorporation you get when your company is registered. I get the general idea of what this is, but I wondered if you could tell me exactly what details are displayed on it? Is it quite a formal looking document or is it more like a receipt?



The certificate of incorporation will state the following details about your limited company or limited liability partnership (LLP):

  • Full registered name
  • Registration number
  • Date of company formation
  • Type of company - limited by shares or guarantee, limited liability partnership (LLP)
  • Part of the UK where the company is registered: England and Wales, Wales only, Scotland, Northern Ireland.
  • Incorporating Act - Companies Act 2006, LLP Act 2000
  • Situation of registered office
  • Incorporating registrar - Companies House Cardiff, Edinburgh or Belfast

It is a formal looking document that fits onto an A4 sheet of paper when printed. You will receive a PDF copy if you register online through Companies House or a company formation agent.

a year ago

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