How do I get a share certificate?


I am planning to sell some of my company shares to someone else and I understand that I should provide any new shareholder with a share certificate. Where do I get these from? Can I buy or download standard certificates to fill in?



There is no legal requirement to provide a share certificate for members but most companies issue them. The majority of people prefer to have some kind of evidence of the purchases they make, and it’s the same for shareholders. In addition to a share certificate, members details and shareholdings should be recorded in your company’s statutory register of members and on the public register at Companies House.

You can download a standard share certificate template online and you should state the following details whenever you issue a new one:

  • Certificate number
  • Company name and registered number
  • Registered office address
  • Shareholder’s name and address
  • Quantity, class and nominal value of shares issued
  • Authorising signature of director or company secretary
  • Date of issue

Click here for a share certificate template for a UK limited company.

a year ago

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