Add (transfer) CT service into company's new HMRC online account


Hello, we have the following problem. We have ended a cooperation with our agent. We made a new Government Gateway account and we need to add a corporation tax into it. We try to use an option: I want to sign up to use the online service for a tax for which the business is already registered. But, when I fill a form (UTR + any of other 3 options), there is an error: ERROR: The details you have entered are either incorrect or you may have already enrolled for this service. If the problem persists please contact the HM Revenue & Customs Online Services Helpdesk or select 'Back' to return to Your Services.

Yes, we are already enrolled for CT online, but, in our agent's HMRC account! And agent does not cooperate with us. :-( Any idea, please? Thanks a lot

6 months ago

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